The inflatable star tent

Illumination creates perfect atmosphere

GYBE® complemented the star tent with a unique luminous source that creates for the first time a lounge-atmosphere which can be used versatile for your promotion or festivals.

Faster & lighter

The classic center pole of a star tent has been replaced by an inflatable and optionally illuminated support structure. As a result, the star-shaped tent from GYBE® has a lower dead weight and smaller pack size than conventional star tents and is therefore easy to transport.
The star tent can be set up by two people in less than 15 minutes on site. Once the tent is fully erected, unlike many other inflatable tents, it doesn't need a permanent blower to stay upright.


The Star Lounge® combines functionality with extraordinary ambience: By using the integrated LED-BAND, the inflatable support structure can be illuminated into 16.7 million different colour moods and light intensities (RGB-spectrum/range).

You can control all the functions like colour shade, intensity and lighting effects easily by using the touch-remote-control.


Like all our products, the Star Lounge® can also be individually designed. The color of the roof and side parts can be freely selected from the color palette to meet your specific requirements. The support structure can also be colored on request. The choice of color is only recommended for an unlit support structure.

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Light Grey 422 C
Blue 300 C
Red 200 C
Navy 2767 C

Support structure

Side panels
Light Grey 422 C
Blue 300 C
Red 200 C
Navy 2767 C

Individual printing

In addition, the roof and the side parts can be printed over the entire surface or partially, making them a unique advertising space. The printing processes used also allow the outside of the roof and side parts to be individually colored in your company colour. A transfer print of your company logo on the inflatable support structure achieves a unique effect. The printing, in combination with the lighting of the support structure, creates a unique play of light that draws attention to your brand.
Roof Sublimation printing All-Over Roof
Roof Sublimation printing partial Roof
Roof Transfer printing partial Roof
Side Panel Sublimation printing All-Over Side Panel
Side Panel Sublimation printing partial Side Panel
Side Panel Transfer printing partial Side Panel
Fusion Sublimation printing All-Over Fusion
Fusion Sublimation printing partial Fusion
Fusion Transfer printing partial Fusion
Sun Shade Sublimation printing All-Over Sun Shade
Sun Shade Sublimation printing partial Sun Shade
Sun Shade Transfer printing partial Sun Shade
Extension modul Sublimation printing All-Over Extension modul
Extension modul Sublimation printing partial Extension modul
Extension modul Transfer printing partial Extension modul
Inflatable Transfer printing partial Inflatable

Technical details

Dimensions & weight

11m 14m
Diameters 11,0 m 14,0 m
Height 5,4 m 6,2 m
Floor area 78,0 m² 127,0 m²
Usable floor area 24,0 m² 39,0 m²
Height of doorway 2,2 m 2,45 m
Weight 20 kg 28 kg

Set up times

11m 14m
Double action hand pump 20 min 25 min
12 v battery pump 15 min 18 min
220 V battery pump 10 min 12 min
Fire protection classification B1 B1
Waterproof 2.000 mm 2.000 mm

Scope of delivery

1 x Roof
1 x Inflatable without RGB LED band
2 x Floor hooks (30 cm)
2 x Floor hooks (60 cm)
1 x Transport bag
1 x Double action hand pump
1 x Assembly aid

Free consultation

They are interested? We will help you with our free consultation with the configuration and will be happy to make you a tailor-made and non-binding offer. Despite countless customization options, we offer short delivery times for all products. We are looking forward to your message!

GYBE® Services

Our products are subject to the highest manufacturing and quality standards. If your tent has been damaged during use, it can be repaired quickly and efficiently in our German service department. Repairs are always carried out using original materials and GYBE® manufacturing standards.
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The Pillar of Light

The integrable 12-volt light strip with 120 RGB diodes per linear meter extends over the entire height of the support structure.
Through the interaction of the LEDs inside the column, all colors of the RGB color space can be reproduced. Due to the extremely high number of diodes, the light strip is particularly bright.

You can effortlessly control all functions such as color tone, intensity or lighting effects with the remote control.

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Set up of the supporting structure

The inflatable support structure consists of a high-strength Dacron outer skin. A stretchable PU film is used for the airtight inner tube.
This construction has been tried and tested in kite sport for years under the most adverse conditions and has been used thousands of times.