Inflatable rapid deployment tent for disaster relief & emergency cases

Pneumatic tents for humanitarian missions

Our pneumatic rapid deployment tents have been developed especially for fast use in difficult conditions. They fulfill all requirements of modern rescue equipment.
light weight
high stability
small packing size
fast setup
fully customizable

Humanity Tent Set "Emergency"

Our GYBE® emergency deployment tent consists entirely of specially developed material whose fabric structure made of synthetic fibers is certified according to fire protection class 1 (B1). The materials used are water-repellent (according to ISO 4920, grade 5). 
The pneumatic tent is delivered with a transport backpack, weights and four tent walls and is ready for use.

Roof Navy 2767 C Grey 422 C Black
INFLATABLE Black Black Black
SIDEPANEL/FUSION Navy 2767 C White Red 200 C
Bild Description

By default, the emergency set is equipped with an inlet valve for filling with an electric pump and with an inlet valve for filling with a compressor and compressed air bottles. The emergency variant is available in predefined variants for fire brigades, emergency services and the technical relief organization, among others.

Humanity tent individual

The difference to the emergency deployment tent is the free choice of color for the materials. This applies to the inflatable support structure, tent roof, side panels and yarn (as specified in the data sheet). The side part variants can also be freely selected from the six different versions. The roof and the side parts can be printed with logos, coats of arms and lettering.

Light and compact equipment

GYBE® rapid deployment tents are characterized by a low net weight. The special texture leads to a compact packing size. The inflatable tent can be carried by one person in the transportation bag to the place of action.
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GYBE® rapid deployment tents are modular and extendable


Modular and extendable

The special engineering technique allows to react flexibly and fast to the circumstances on-site. A modularly hospital, an operational tent or a whole city of tents: Tents of various sizes can be connected due to the Fusion Panels. This is great for planning the effective area as well as for the logistics.
Waterbags (set of 4 units) Waterbags
Watertubes (to pin down the side panels) Watertubes
Side Panel 1 continous Side Panel 1
Side Panel 2 with PVC window / mesh window Side Panel 2
Side Panel 3 with vertical zipper Side Panel 3
Side Panel 4 with oval zipper Side Panel 4
Side Panel 5 continous PVC material Side Panel 5
Side Panel 6 continous mesh material Side Panel 6
Side Panel DZ with two zippers * Side Panel DZ
Side Panel RZ for turning over the side panel * Side Panel RZ
Roof option Second Zipper SZ with two zippers * Roof option
Fusion 10 Feet Fusion Panel 10ft > 10ft Fusion 10 Feet
Fusion 10Feet40 Fusion Panel 10ft > 4 m Fusion 10Feet40
Fusion 4000 Fusion Panel 4 > 4 m Fusion 4000
Fusion 4050 Fusion Panel 4 > 5 m Fusion 4050
Fusion 5000 Fusion Panel 5 > 5 m Fusion 5000
Fusion 5060 Fusion Panel 5 > 6 m Fusion 5060
Fusion 6000 Fusion Panel 6 > 6 m Fusion 6000
Sunshade Sunshade
Shade Extender Shade Extender
More Accessoires: Big Bag (bigger transport bag), Double action hand pump, 12 V battery pump & 220 V battery pump
* All side panels can be selected with the additional option "double zipper" (DZ) and/or rotating zipper (RZ)
Tent connection

Tent connection

Tents of various sizes can be connected to cover a larger area and to create an impressive scenery of dome tents. 
The removable roof offers highest flexibility and enables you to easily take off the roof part for exchange with another roof.
Sun Shade

Sun Shade

The GYBE® Sun Shade and the roof extension (Shade Extender) extends the shaded area and increases the printable space of your tent at the same time.
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Setup of the supporting structure

The inflatable supporting structure of the tents consists of a resilient Dacron-shell. We use an elastic PU-foil for the hermetic interior hose.

The applied materials have been aligned on resistance, demands and operational speed.

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The One-Pump-System

Because of the integrated One-Pump-System, the tent can be inflated by using external compressed air supplies (compressed air bottles, compressors). The air is split up by a central induction valve into three air chambers by using hoses. Unlike other inflatable tents, the GYBE® rescue tent does not need a permanent fan.

Scope of delivery & technical details


4000 5000
Length 4,0 m 5,0 m
Width 4,0 m 5,0 m
Height 3,0 m 4,2 m
Floor area 16,0 m² 25,0 m²
Height of doorway 2,2 m 2,5 m
Weight 30 kg 42 kg

Set up times

4000 5000
220 V battery pump 5 min 9 min
Compressed air 4 min 6 min
Fire protection classification B1 B1
Waterproof 2.000 mm 2.000 mm
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Immediately ready for use

Our pneumatic shelters create a protective area fast, for casualties, as an accommodation for the operation control, or for the placement of auxiliaries. We created a special compressed air system, which allows to set up the tent by only one person in less than 4 minutes.

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Scope of delivery

The standard scope of delivery includes the tent in a transport backpack with 2 closed side panels and 2 side panels with vertical zips, a set of sandbags or a set of water bags for stabilization, as well as guy ropes and a repair kit.

FAQ Inflatable

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Can the tent also be filled with compressed air from the breathing air bottle?
Yes, the GYBE Humanity Tent is equipped with two inflation valves: one for traditional electric pumps and the other one for compressed air systems. Please note that you need a pressure regulator for setup with compressed air.
What sizes are available?
The GYBE Humanity Tent comes in four sizes: 10 x 10 ft, 4 x 4 m, 5 x 5 m und 6 x 6 m (floor spaces)
Can I close the tent completely?
Sure, you can. There are zippers on all four sides where you can pull in the sidepanels which are automatically included in the tents scope of delivery.
Can I connect several tents together?
Yes, we offer fusion panels so tents of various sizes can be connected to cover a larger area. Note that you can connected tents with have the same or next bigger/smaller size. 
Does the scope of delivery include weights?
Yes, each GYBE TENT comes with four sand bags (not filled). 
How many people do I need to set up the tent?
Only one thanks to its easy handling!
How long does it take to set up the tent?
Only 1-3 minutes depending on the size of the tent. 
What is the packing size of the tent and can it be carried by one person?
We deliver our GYBE Humanity Tents in a backpack (75 x 50 x 45 cm) that can be carried by one person.
Do I need continual inflation for the tent?
No, the inner tube of the tent is welded three times and therefore completely airtight. You only have to fill it one time. 
How weatherproofed is the tent?
Due to its construction and materials, our tent is extremely stable even at strong winds up to 8 bft as long as it is set up correctly, weighted and tightened. And it is made of fabrics with high water resistance and sealed seams (water column proof for 4000 mm).