Sitting Tube

Inflatable Sitting Tube

The GYBE® Sitting Tube is an inflatable seating option for trade fairs and events. It is lightweight, quick to set up, space-saving and, above all, completely printable.

Unpack - Inflate - Ready

Due to the quick assembly and space-saving format, the stool is perfectly suitable as a seat at all events and trade fairs. The stool is certified according to DIN EN 581 and thus like conventional seating furniture loadable up to 110 kg.

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lthough the high level of customisability GYBE® provides very short delivery times for all its products.

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Our products apply to the highest production- and quality standards. If your tent has been damaged it can be repaired at our german service departement, quick and efficent. An overhaul will always be done with original material and applies to the strict GYBE® production standards.

Technical Details

The Sitting Tubes are loadable up to 110 kg (certified according to DIN EN 581)
Height 51,0 cm
Diameter 39,0 cm
Range 122,5 cm
Packsize 40,0 x 40,0 x 10,0 cm
Weight 1,6 kg