Mercedes Bus Awnings

Inflatable Mercedes Bus Awnings

Especially designed for the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo, GYBE® has developed a awning that adapts harmoniously to your bus and is easily built up.
Whether you're on the beach, in the mountains or on the campsite, double the floor space of your bus with the GYBE® Bus Tent and enjoy freedom at any moment.
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Mercedes Bus Awning Connector

The connection between Bus and Tent is realized through the Marco Polo guide-rail which can be installed on the roof.

The tent is connected to your bus by means of a connection part (Fusion Panel Marco Polo). The graphic shows you the simple attachment to the roof rail:

Bus Awning colorways

We have developed two special color variants for the Mercedes Bus Marco Polo, which adapt themselves stylishly to all available busoutfits. The Bus Tent is available in the designs HANGOVER, FROST, MIDNIGHT, SUNSET and GENERATION.
Harmonious basic colors are stylishly staged with colored seams, high-quality workmanship and prints and complete your Adventure Equipment.

Five minutes

The GYBE® Bus Tent is built up within five minutes: Use the supplied hand pump or let the electropump do all the work. Then connect your tent to the bus by the existing Marco Polo guide-rail on the bus.

Mercedes Bus Awnings Dimensions

Height 2,3 m
Width 3,75 m
Depth (without guy ropes) 2,9 m
Height of doorway Front 1,87 m
Height of doorway Rear 2,05 m
Roofed area (tent attached) 7,9 m²
Roofed area 4,8 m²

Set up times

Inflating the support structure 5 min
Set up time total < 10 min

Mercedes Bus Awning Weight

Bus Tent (including backpack) 11 kg
Hand pump 1 kg
Fusion Panel 1 kg
Pegs set 2 kg

Technical features

The Bus Tents are made of flame-retardant materials, in addition all side parts are water-repellent and UV-stabilized.

Bus Awning Accessoires

The Mercedes Bus Awning is delivered with a backpack carrying case, a removable front- and rearpanel, Fusion panel of choice, a double-stroke hand pump, pegs and bracing ropes, as well as a repair kit.

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Set up of the supporting structure

The inflatable supporting structure consists of a high-strength Dacron-shell. We use an elastic PU-foil for the hermetical interior hose. 
This construction has been tested under heaviest conditions in the Kite-sports thousands of times.

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The One-Pump-System

The One-Pump-System allows for inflation of the tent via compressed air bottles or with compressors through a central induction valve. This is done by splitting up the air streams into three air chambers through hoses. The tent is set up in under 5 minutes.